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A Family, Their Dog, and His Favorite Screen Door

This is the story of a screen door. Seriously. And it’s a tearjerker.

Screen doors aren’t commonly thought of as heroes, but for the Williams family, their sliding screen door with integrated doggy door has been a central feature of their lives.

Baxter is the family’s labrador retriever, and he became an essential member of the family the moment David, the oldest child, locked eyes with the jubilant, animated little puppy. David was eight at the time, two years older than his sister Anita.

Understandably, Anita’s tiny mind exploded in delight when Baxter first bounded through the doggy door the day his family brought him home. She squealed with happiness and lavished him with kisses and cuddles, deciding right then that he was her very best friend.

David was more subdued, but he loved nothing more than to take Baxter out in the backyard to chase a stick. David relished leaving the sliding glass door open on his way out to the yard so that he could see Baxter come bursting through the doggy door in the way only puppies can — a frenzied explosion of fur and fun tearing across the deck and out into the grass.

Shelly and Mike Williams, the parents in this story, appreciated the craftsmanship of their sliding screen door. It came standard with PetScreen dog and cat-proof screening by Phifer. As a puppy Baxter could (and frequently did) jump up on the screening material without damaging it. It’s manufactured to be puncture-resistant, able to stand up to scratching, chewing, slobbering, and clawing. All the Williamses knew was that it was Baxter-proof.

The doggy door mechanism was equally well-made. No matter how many times Baxter crashed into it when he missed the opening or wiggled around playfully while halfway through, the door never flinched. It was firmly bolted to the screen door frame, ensuring that Baxter’s puppy antics couldn’t phase it. And since Shelly had the door sized to fit Baxter when he grew up, they were comfortable that it would stand the test of time.

And it did.

Baxter’s Door Grew With the Family

David and Anita got older and Baxter got bigger. After a day spent playing out in the sprinkler, sopping wet Baxter didn’t disturb his doggy door as he came in. It swung easily as it always had. The carpet and couch, on the other hand, had a more difficult time.

Family meals out on the back porch were great opportunities for Baxter to play in the backyard. He could head into the house whenever he wanted to get a drink or chow down on his own food, and then vault back through his doggy door to pounce on the kids as their meal wound down.

As Baxter got bigger, the screen door kept up its end of the bargain. 65 pounds of excited labrador retriever bounding through the opening to go on adventures with Anita and David were shrugged off by the door with ease. The door flap opened flawlessly every time. Even as it, Baxter, and the kids got older it never slowed down. And neither did Baxter.

The years came and went in the same way Baxter did — in and out of his door, leaping from one happy moment to another. Birthday parties in the back yard. Family movies projected on the side of the house. Friends coming over to visit with David and Anita, always raining affection down on Baxter. It was a good life, and Baxter relished every moment of it.

One Day Baxter’s Doggy Door Went Still

Baxter was up in years. He didn’t move quite a fast as he used to, but his dog door still got a lot of use. David was off at college and Anita spent more time with her boyfriend than her best friend. Baxter’s world had shrunk somewhat be he still enjoyed heading out into the yard when the notion struck him. Mike and Shelly were happy to let him.

Then one day — Mike remembered it as a Thursday because he was working from home as he does on Thursdays — Baxter headed through his doggy door to chase a squirrel. And then he was gone.

Much to the family’s dismay, it turned out that Anita had left the gate open on her way to a friend’s house, and Baxter’s pursuit of the squirrel took him out of the yard and out into the unknown.

Anita was understandably heartbroken, her sobs from inside the house punctuated by Mike and Shelly’s calls out across the neighborhood for Baxter to come home. They left their trusted screen door exposed at night in case Baxter returned, but his doggy door remained unused.

Not ones to lose hope the family posted missing signs on polls and trees around their neighborhood. They enlisted the help of friends to get the word out about Baxter’s disappearance. They called local animal shelters, veterinarians, and every other place they could think of to see if their beloved pet had turned up. They came up empty.

Two weeks passed. Anita could often be found staring out the screen door. She would imagine Baxter as a puppy again, climbing the nearly indestructible screening with his tiny claws, or bounding through the doggy door to cover her face with kisses.

Mike and Shelly were despondent, too. The family would sit down to eat in the dining room and no matter what they were talking about, their conversation would inevitably return to their dog.

And then it happened. They were finishing dinner one evening. David was clearing the dishes away while Shelly and Anita chatted absent-mindedly when they heard the familiar “flap flap flap” of the doggy door. Anita bolted from her chair and launched herself toward the living room with Shelly and David close behind.

There, tired and hungry, with dirt matting his fur, was Baxter, trotting happily toward them. Anita let a shout of joy that Shelly recognized from that day, all those years ago, when their dog first came through his doggy door and entered her daughter’s life. He was back. A bit worse for wear, but back safe and sound all the same, and the flap of his trusted doggy door had heralded his return.

See? A screen door can be a hero. The doors manufactured by Best Custom Screens & Blinds certainly are. They’re built to last and can take anything the world throws at them, including 65 pounds of pure canine joy. The Williams family loves their sliding screen door with an integrated doggy door, and so will you, whatever your Baxter is named.

Just make sure to keep your gate closed.


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Enhance Your Interiors with a Cutting-Edge Black and White Kitchen

Black and white kitchens have always been a favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike. One of the reasons for this is the ambiance of chic and sophisticated stylishness that such a duo-chrome kitchen can create. When renovating or remodeling their kitchen, all homeowners want to give it a cutting-edge aesthetic makeover. And this is exactly what a black and white color scheme can do for a kitchen – spruce it up and make it edgier!

Making the Most of a Black & White Kitchen

A black and white color palette can work very well for kitchens both small and large in size. However, there are some factors that interior designers and homeowners must keep in mind when opting for this color scheme for the kitchen. Optimally styling a black and white kitchen is essential for getting the most out of this design trend. Some steps that can be taken to ensure proper styling are as follows:

1. Appropriate Furnishings

In order to take full advantage of a black and white color scheme for the kitchen space, you need to choose the right pieces of furniture, including the cabinetry, tables, chairs, and the countertop. For instance, using a mix of black and white kitchen cabinets can create an appealing contrast throughout the space, which will set the tone for the rest of the décor.

Alternating black and white cabinets create a visual treat for onlookers, thus making your kitchen both interesting and memorable. On the other hand, you can also choose to have all-white upper cabinets and all-black lower cabinets, for a greater sense of uniformity. A white stone countertop with dark veining will be the ideal finishing touch for such a kitchen.

2. Sufficient Lighting

In a black and white kitchen space, the lighting is super important and something that you should think about very carefully. A duo-chrome kitchen space may be interesting to look at, but if the lights aren’t placed properly, then it could leave some areas of the kitchen in darkness while others are overly bright.

The white surfaces of the kitchen will reflect any available light, thus increasing the brightness of the area. On the other hand, the black surfaces will absorb all available light and cast the surrounding area into darkness. Hence, the lighting needs to be cleverly installed to ensure that the areas with black surfaces receive more direct light than the other parts of the kitchen.

3. Overall Theme

You must keep the overall theme at the forefront of your mind when designing a black and white kitchen. Such a color palette would be best suited to a chic, ultramodern kitchen. A black and white color scheme may be too stark and unidimensional for a traditional or a farmhouse kitchen.

So, if a modern kitchen is what you are going for, then you must ensure that the kitchen furnishings, appliances, and accessories all match that vibe. Look for high-quality modern kitchen cabinets for sale and invest in marble countertops and glass backsplashes. These elements will work well with the color scheme to give your kitchen the chic and modern vibe you’re going for.

4. Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen appliances installed in a black and white kitchen should preferably all be metallic and well-polished, which will help add to the ultramodern feel of the kitchen space. Appliances like microwave oven, chimney, mixer-grinder, refrigerator, and coffee maker can be found in every kitchen. Therefore, they can impact the aesthetics of the room in a significant way.

To make the most of your black and white kitchen, you should choose your appliances wisely, ensuring that they reflect the overall theme and blend well with the other elements of the kitchen. State-of-the-art, metallic kitchen appliances can enhance the visual appeal of a black and white kitchen, making it look like something almost out of a science-fiction movie.

5. Décor and Accessories

Last but not least, the accessories and decorative items to be placed in the kitchen must also be chosen carefully. A vase full of colorful flowers or a vibrant chandelier might be just the accessory you need to add just a splash of color to your beloved black and white kitchen. This will create a visual contrast that will help the unusual color palette to stand out even more.

Gold-plated hinges, knobs, and pulls for the kitchen cabinets is another good way to accessorize a black and white kitchen and add a bit of much-needed contrast to the décor. The most important factor when choosing accessories and decorative items is to ensure that they stand out from the black and white surroundings, but without pulling all the attention away from it.

In Conclusion

When remodeling your kitchen to reflect your own tastes and preferences, make sure to find the highest-quality modern kitchen cabinets for sale, manufactured by a trusted and reliable brand such as Cabinet DIY. The cabinets and other furnishings are some of the most important elements of your black and white kitchen, which is why they should only be purchased with much research and care.


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How do log splitters actually work?

A log splitter is a machine used for splitting firewood from pre cut softwood, and hardwood. There are many different models of log splitters, including manual and hydraulic ones. Hydraulic models may exert upwards of 30 tons of force while they are working, while most will exert 10 tons.

Electric and gas splitters are also popular choices. Electric splitters are for people who use about 10 cubic meters of wood a year, while gas splitters are better for those who use over 12 cubic meters per year.

Commonly, log splitter engines are powered by hydraulic pumps, gasoline or diesel – older models were powered by steam! Using their power source, the machine drives the log through a stationary blade or rotation cone shaped screw mandrel to split the original pieces.

Pieces of log have to be pre cut into smaller pieces before going through a log splitter. Once the logs have been cut, they are usually picked up by an excavator and placed onto the back of a transport vehicle.

The simplest hydraulic device will contain an engine, a hydraulic oil pump, a valve, a hydraulic cylinder a tank and a filter. The engines provide power for the system, and are attached to the hydraulic pumps. The pump then creates a stream of high-pressure oil, which runs into a valve. The valve then causes the hydraulic cylinder to operate, which splits the log. The tank, holds the oil which feeds the pump, and the filter keeps the oil clean, ensuring the machine runs smoothly.

For those who prefer to use a smaller device, hardware stores such as Bunnings and other local outdoor retailers sell a range of splitters, some weighing less than 50 kilos! These are great for using at home, especially if you don’t have much space, or don’t want to commit to owning a 300 kilo hydraulic splitter.

While these are a great tool to save time and effort of manually hacking down a piece of log with an axe, they must be used safely. Protective gear is a must, appropriate shoes, gloves and eye-protection must be worn. To safely operate a log splitter, someone must be trained on how the machine operates and find a designated safety zone while the machine is on.

Safety zones must be established as in some cases logs split unpredictably, resulting in logs dropping and rolling, or flying splinters. Many machines have now been designed for two handed operation, to keep the operators hands safe. Although, splitters are said to be safer than using an axe or maul, which come with a high risk of accident.

A benefit to cutting wood is that it is a carbon neutral and budget friendly way of keeping warm at home, or running a commercial stove. They also make the clean up process of wood splitting easy, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

For those looking to commit to purchasing one of these, there are plenty of reviews on Youtube and online blogs showcasing different models in action. Plus if you actually want to purchase a log splitter, there’s many review sites out there that will help you choose the best log splitter.


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Landscape Design

Why We Think Shelby Sterling Estate Lawn Care

Why We Think Shelby Sterling Estate Lawn Care

Established in 1995, Shelby Sterling L.L.C. is a family owned and operated full service property landscape management company in Michigan. Shelby Sterling serves all their high-profile estate clients as a single point of contact with a full-range of outdoor and indoor maintenance services.

Landscaping is Michigan’s #1 Best Choice!

If you are in Michigan and want a fully functional landscaped outdoor space that is not only aesthetically appealing but is also completely usable in your yard, then it’s important that you contact and work directly with Shelby Sterling. We encourage you to learn more about their Landscape Design department at https://shelbysterling.com/landscape-design. Shelby Sterling’s thoughtful approach to outdoor landscape designing is influenced by many years of their team members spending time at their own private homes and estates in Florida, Texas and in Michigan. They utilize their own insights on what they did right in their own landscapes and use those hands-on ideas directly in new landscape designs to help ensure there is functionality for families in their own backyards.

However you may be looking for a different or multitude of services, if that’s the case then they got you covered there as well. Shelby Sterlings Outdoor Services range from lawn care, landscaping, private gardener, lawn maintenance, lawn fertilization, weed control, flower gardening, lawn restoration, mulch installation, garden bed raking, tree removal, brick-pavers, retaining walls, snow removal, ice management, landscape renovations, gardens; in addition to building maintenance, heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, asphalt and concrete, window washing, power washing, outdoor kitchens, fire-pits, pools, hot tubs, outdoor lighting, decks, construction, building maintenance, home renovations and much more.

In regards to weekly lawn mowing service, Shelby Sterling Lawn Care and Landscaping offers weekly lawn cutting routes in Algonac, Clay Township, Fair Haven, New Baltimore, Anchor Bay, Anchorville, Chesterfield and Bloomfield Hills Michigan. However, the benefit to you is they will travel anywhere in Michigan for landscaping and property landscape restoration projects.

Well you’re probably thinking to yourself “this all sounds too good to be true, so what’s the catch?” well there is none, at least that we found. We even took notice that Shelby Sterling has more five star Google and Facebook reviews then any of their competitors in their geographical service areas. They are also fully insured and there is proof that they take great pride in their professional landscaping and grounds maintenance projects. The proof is clear from one of the longest lists we have ever seen of five star reviews from their clients. This list of reviews can be seen easily on their website home page at www.shelbysterling.com and is truly worth a few minutes of your own time to read and review for yourself.

Bottomline, Shelby Sterling can offer all the outdoor landscaping and property outdoor services that are needed to bring anyone’s outdoor space together throughout Michigan. We were also very impressed that they offer a fast 24/7/365 emergency quick response time, quality work, polite manners and services just about anyone can afford. Upon our review, we feel it would be tough for property owners in Michigan to consider anyone else other than Shelby Sterling. You can reach Shelby Sterling directly at (313) 300-0334 or by visiting www.shelbysterling.com/contact-shelby-sterling.


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Excavators and Construction Projects

Multi-function excavators are among the most common types of excavators that large construction projects employ due to the multi ability aspects of these excavators.  The multi-functional elements of these excavators are directly attributed to the additional joints that are attached to the arm which enhances the range of possible movements.

The versatility of excavators are critical to construction projects which is the reason as to why they have road-rail versions of excavators that move on rail networks and even amphibious excavators that work with ease on bodies of water. Albeit, it is always important to remember that the primary criteria towards selecting an excavator is the size and power of the machine. Size is characterized by the operational weight of the excavator (excavators range from anywhere between less than a tonne to those that are above 100 tonnes such as the ones that are used for surface mining) and hence choosing the excavator must be based solely on the needs of the project.

For instance, a small multipurpose excavator may not be able to meet the needs of heavy work whereas one that is too large might become cumbersome to handle in small areas and unnecessarily increase the cost of the project simultaneously. What needs to be understood at this juncture is the fact that the weight of an excavator provides a general idea of the machine size and the extent of weights that it can manage. Similarly, the arm reach is also a factor that must be taken into consideration based on the requirement of the project as the bigger the excavator, the longer the arm.

Another aspect of to consider when a company needs to hire an excavator is that must also be given due consideration is power that the engine supplies the entire hydraulic unit as it is the engine that powers the arm and most other tools that are mounted on it. The engine power is generally relative to the size of the machine; however, this is not the rule of the thumb and may vary significantly in some instances. The simple fact is that the more powerful the engine is, the better the potential for the machine to carry out more difficult or heavy jobs.

Most excavators use diesel driven engines, however, in more recent years in view of the issues with pollution and global warming, excavators are becoming more eco-friendly with hybrid diesel/electric engines that are fitted with efficient energy recovery systems. For projects that lean towards ‘eco-friendliness’ it will only be right to use these types of excavators which in general abide by anti-pollution laws such as the Tier Classification or the European Emission Standards.

By establishing the primary criterion of the project and subsequently the job requirement for the excavator, project managers will be able to definitely define the characteristics of the machine they require. Other consideration that might make the difference between completing projects with their given timeframe and budget include ergonomics for the position of the operator and noise level.

This would be based on the ‘comfort factor’ as the more comfortable the operator is, the faster will he or she be able to get the job at hand completed.


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2 plumbing problems and also exactly how to prevent all of them

I utilized my water heating system every day yet didn’t pay any attention to it. I merely discovered it when it began to crack. My water heating unit was actually already damaged beyond repair work. What I learned is that you need to keep your hot water heater if you wish it to reside longer. If I simply understood faster, than I would not have actually had to substitute my heater. That was years back. Today, I am much more informed concerning hot water heater and also its own plumbing system issues. I desire to stretch my know-how to you. There are lots of pipes troubles that can easily happen in a heater. As an alternative of providing it all, I will definitely give you 2 of one of the most usual ones.

Lacking Hot Water

Performs it seem like your water heating system is operating out of warm water? Do you delight in very hot water for a handful of minutes as well as it turns cool straight away?

Debris Buildup

When it leaves the water container, water deposits minerals responsible for. Without any sort of cleaning, these minerals form a sediment accumulation. As the debris accumulation develops, the tank room ends up being less and also less. This means heated storage water is considerably less. As well as this is actually why it looks like warm water is actually ending quicker than anticipated.

How to Avoid This

If you do not have the opportunity to clean your water tanks, at that point you should choose a water heating unit solution business. They will certainly supply enduring very hot water.

Faulty Temperature

If the regulator is certainly not operating as it should, one more cause why warm water seems to be to be running out is. If you make use of an electrical heating system, after that it counts on its temperature. A damaged regulator is going to lower the water temperature. This means that it will simply make lukewarm or even chilly water. You will not have the capacity to appreciate any hot water.

How to Avoid this

A defective regulator is actually certainly not something that you may mend on your personal. You are never sure if your flawed thermostat can easily function as it ought to once more. This is why you require to keep it. Along with water heating system service companies, they will certainly know just how to sustain your water storage tanks. Their maintenance regularly looks at the regulator.

Noisy Water Heaters

Yet another typical water heating unit issue is actually noise. You need to never ever overlook water heating units that help make a whole lot of sound. Certainly not just is it annoying but it might imply something is incorrect from it. There are all kinds of root causes of loud hot water heater. The most effective service is actually to work with a hot water heater solution firm to examine it out. This is actually thus vital since performing it your own self could trigger additional damages.

Final thought

One is that you require to maintain your water heating units if you prefer it to work effectively. Yet another is actually that it is better to allow water heating system company business deal along with your water heaters for you. Does it appear like your water heating unit is actually operating out of warm water? Water down payments minerals behind when it leaves behind the water container. If you don’t possess the opportunity to clean your water containers, then you ought to employ a water heating unit solution firm. Along with hot water heater repair Chicago they are going to understand how to maintain your water containers. Yet another is actually that it is most effectively to permit water heating system company companies work along with your water heaters for you.

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How does an excavator work?

A construction site is one of the best places to get a close look at excavators, which are large hydraulic machines. These machines are mainly different from other equipment because of their large size.For example, an excavator or shovel of medium size will weigh slightly over 28 tons, yet it is fairly quick in its actions.

The shovel can remove one cubic meter of dirt, whose weight will vary between one to 1.5 tons and move it to another place within a few minutes. Moving a person is very simple using these machines.

Also called a digger, a hydraulic excavator is a vehicle which is specifically designed for demolition, excavation purposes and is large in size. The excavator will have wheels or a track for moving, a boom, bucket, mounted on the chassis.

There is a wide range of excavators which are available in various sizes ranging from micro excavators with a limited capacity to large size excavators.

All the excavators are designed for similar applications. They weigh between 3000 and two million pounds and their power rating varies between 19 HP and 4500 HP.

Many excavators are available from plant hire companies offering short or long term contracts of the vehicles.

Hydraulic Excavator controls

Hydraulic excavators are designed using hydraulic systems. The track or wheeled platform at the base or undercarriage of the hydraulic excavator helps in transporting the vehicle while also supporting the chassis.

The driver of the excavator can control the vehicle using the levers on the chassis which are used for driving the vehicle, changing the position of the boom and the bucket.

Since the chassis is located above the undercarriage, it can be rotated in all direction through an angle of 360 degrees. The bucket and boom are together used for moving materials. They are both attached to the chassis body, yet they are controlled independently.


Hydraulic excavators are designed so that they can be used for a wide range of applications, though they are mainly used for excavation work. They may also be used for demolition, and even the smaller models may be used for building demolition.

The excavators are also used extensively for transporting large quantities of materials, especially minerals from one place to another. At construction sites, the excavators are often used with other equipment like loaders and bulldozers.


The Hydraulic excavators have a large number of advantages when compared to other equipment. For example, when required they can be used to complete specific tasks for a project.

After the project is over, the compact excavators can be easily transported to the next project by being towed or transported on a large truck.

The excavators can also be used with different attachments for various applications: a mallet is attached for demolition work, a blade attachment will help in scraping, or a grapple attachment may be used for picking up objects.

Many companies are manufacturing hydraulic excavators of different sizes, features. Depending on the budget, businesses may purchase either new or used excavators.


Companies who wish to purchase hydraulic excavators should be aware of their limitations. Since the hydraulic excavators are heavy, they cannot be driven over long distances or on roads which are not reinforced.

They usually require large amounts of fuel when used. Most excavators are a very expensive investment for a business, though the investment is usually justified since the excavators can be used for many decades.

Additionally, it may be difficult to get the hydraulic excavators repaired, because of their large size as well as the higher number of moving parts.

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How to move to a new house in easy steps

Relocation has always been considered as a stressful task to do and it is very exhausting. It consumes a lot of your time, alters your schedule and tires you. The thought of house moving overwhelms few people so much that the happiness of moving to a new place just fades away. If you are one of them then we are here for you. You do not need to stress out when there is our house moving tips available. You are at the right place and will surely find this article useful. From packing to transporting and then to unloading, this article sums up everything.

You can hire a house moving service since they have years of experience and they work very quickly and efficiently, but the is going to be quite expensive for you (maybe more than it should be). They have been serving people for years now and are a pro in packing tightly and carefully putting almost the same weight in each carton. This experience creates demand for them pulling the prices way up. But, we will suggest you keep it simple and cheap. Just follow the instruction given below and you are done.

Where to start?

Pick up a paper and a pencil and write the names of each room. Purchase a few Cardboard boxes, packing tape and a board marker. Then, start moving into the rooms and put things into the boxes. Cover one room at a time so that you do not mix things. Make sure that you do not overpack any carton that it becomes difficult to carry. Similarly, do not fill all the papers into a box that it becomes light. Once you have put everything inside the box, pack it tightly with the packing tape to prevent any losses during relocation. Then, label the name of the room on each carton to avoid chaos. Finally, strikethrough the name of that room on your list to ease yourself that you really are one step closer to completion.

Rent a Truck

Despite paying a lion share for the transportation, rent a truck at a much cheaper cost. This is also a safer option because you are handling all of your things by yourself. You can also rent equipment that will help you with loading and unloading the boxes. Before leaving, you must always recheck by moving around the house to reassure that nothing is left. Estimating a time when there is less traffic on your route can be beneficial for you in terms of saving your time and rent both.

Organizing your new home

Once you reach the destination, unload all the cartons and packed appliances and put everything in your new house. If you want it better, you can label the rooms like bedroom, or children’s room on the door of the room beforehand. This will make everything less exhausting and you will simply drop the cartons right where you directed. This will save you time and you can easily organize everything when unpacking the cartons.

If you were unwilling to get burdened of wrapping everything because you are moving to a new place, we believe now you will find it more hassle-free.


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Top 3 Reasons to Purchase a Metal Garden Trellis

A metal garden trellis is a useful and decorative tool for growing and decorating your garden while also maintain a sense of privacy. Here are the top 3 reasons to purchase a metal garden trellis and what you should know about their benefits!

1. Vine Growth

When you want to grow climbing plants, you’ll need to choose some supports that will help facilitate that growth. There are a variety of different types of trellises that you can select based on the type of plant that you want to grow. With an attractive metal garden trellis, you’ll create a focal point around your plants in your yard.

2. Artistic

If we’re being honest, the main difference between the metal garden trellis and a fence in terms of the benefits they provide is that metal garden trellis is much more attractive. With fences, you have to scale up in price in order to get something that even looks remotely appealing. We’re talking thousands for a wrought-iron fence. Otherwise, a chain-link fence or a wooden fence are your main options, and those aren’t works of art in anyone’s imagination. With a metal garden trellis, you get to select your design based off of your specific preferences, style of home and can even mix and match if you wish!

3. Privacy

Do you find that your neighborhood just isn’t as private as you might like? Prying neighbor eyes aren’t for everyone, and sometimes your home owner’s association might not make putting in a fence the easiest process with their regulations. With a metal garden trellis, you can gain the temporary privacy you need anywhere you want.

Final thoughts

Coastal Metal Art & Design has a wide variety of screens for you to choose from. You can decorate your garden, get vine support, and give your backyard the privacy you desire in a beautiful way. Click here to see the collection and shop metal garden trellises today! 

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The Top Tips For Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard

Part of being a responsible dog owner is providing your pet with a safe outdoor space. Luckily it’s not as hard as you might think. So here are some of the top tips you can put to use right away to help improve your yard and make it as dog-friendly as possible.

The Importance Of A Bathroom Spot

Having a specific area in your yard for your pet to go to the bathroom is very important. You’ll want to choose a space where it is convenient to deal with the removal of your pet’s waste. Once you pick a spot you’ll then need to train your pet to use it. Doing this can save both you and your pooch a lot of stress.

Your pet won’t have to worry about getting yelled at for going in the wrong spot and you won’t have to worry about stepping in it. Teaching your pet to use a designated spot can also help to prevent damage from dog urine.

This is particularly important if you have a male pet, since males will not only lift their leg to urinate but also to mark their territory. For this reason owners of male canines will often add a pee post to the designated toilet area. One of the most common options is actually a faux fire hydrant for dogs.

These are typically made from plastic, metal, or resin and are made especially to work as posts that can be urinated on. And of course because of the classic relationship between the dog and fire hydrant a dog pee post fire hydrant can help to add a bit of humor to your yard as well. Just be sure to give it a spray with the house every once in a while to keep it clean.

Pull Out Poisonous Plants

There are many different types of plants which can be dangerous to canines. Many are even potentially fatal. For example many owners don’t realize that both tulip bulbs and azaleas are poisonous to dogs. You’ll want to remove any existing plants which may be hazardous to your pet’s health.

If you’re unsure it would be a smart idea to make a list of what you’ve got in your yard and check to see if the plants pose a threat. And of course in the future you will want to make sure that any plants which you add to your yard or garden are a safe option before they are put into the ground.

Fence In Water Sources

Ponds and other water features can be fabulous backyard spots to relax. Yet they often make tempting places for pets to jump in, splash, and play around. To protect them from damage and from your pooch creating a muddy mess you will want to consider fencing them in.

Pools and hot tubs should definitely be fenced in as well. Fencing will help to keep unsupervised pets who love the water out. Because of their depth, pools and hot tubs pose a greater threat when it comes to drowning making a fence crucial when it comes to protecting your pet’s well-being.

Secure Barrier

Having a secure wall or fencing which surrounds the entire yard is something every responsible dog owner should consider. Without a proper barrier pets can be stolen or run away on their own. A yard which is not secure also allows dogs to take off running after small animals which could lead to them getting injured or lost.

And if you own an aggressive dog you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands if your pet was to get loose. Therefore be sure to choose a barrier that your dog cannot jump or climb over. Dogs which like to dig may also require extra precautions as well.

When It Comes To Play Work With Your Space

All dogs love to play. Not only can play be mentally stimulating for pets but it is essential for helping them to get the daily exercise they need in order to stay fit and healthy. If you have a space that’s large enough for your pet to run full throttle you’re in luck, you really have endless possibilities as to how and what you can play with your dog. If you are lucky enough to have one of the very small dog breeds even a tiny yard can be enough for them to run and play all out.

For those who have more limited space and a medium or large pet, you can always choose games or toys to use with your pet that can work with the space you have. For example you don’t need a lot of room to have a tiring session of “tug of war,” or even a game of “keep away.”

Having a dog-friendly yard is crucial for your pet’s well-being. And by applying these tips you can quickly get on the fast track to creating a safe outdoor area for your pooch. So what are you waiting for?


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