5 Tips to Grill the Perfect Chicken

A grill is a great way to cook meat in the open, especially if you are having a party with your friends or family. To make the meat turn out juicy and tender, you have to take the type of the meat into account. And if you are planning to grill chicken anytime soon, then the below tips will help you cook it to perfection.

The Cut

When buying the chicken, make sure that you get the best cut. Since you are grilling, you need to first think of how much time will you be spending on the grill. If you want a big cut of chicken, say bone-in breasts, then you should expect the cooking time to be longer. But if you plan to finish the grilling process quickly, then you need to buy the smaller cuts that can be grilled in about 20 to 25 minutes. Additionally, opting for boneless cuts will also reduce the grilling time. Now, if you are planning on grilling the whole chicken, then you need to butterfly it, which will make the chicken lie flat on the grill. But expect to spend a lot of time grilling the meat to perfection.


As far as the temperature is concerned, you shouldn’t set the grill at high heat. It is recommended that you cook the meat at medium flame. This will ensure that the chicken gets cooked perfectly, without the outside being burned out. The ideal temperature to cook the chicken is at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. So, keep a thermometer with you and check the temperature of the chicken by inserting it in the thickest section of the meat. If the temperature hits the desired level, you can be sure that the meat is cooking the right way.

Pound The Breasts

Since the chicken breast is usually uneven in terms of thickness, grilling it can be quite challenging. It is to resolve this issue that it is recommended to pound the meat thoroughly before grilling. This will flatten the meat, ensuring that the breast gets cooked on all sides the exact same way. Else, some part might turn out overcooked while other parts might be undercooked.

Clean Grill

Always use a grill that has been thoroughly cleaned after the previous grilling. Any lapse in the cleaning activity will only leave bacteria on the grill which will get into the meat and infect you. Cooking chicken on unclean grills will also take a longer time. Make sure to get a professional cleaning of the grill from https://grilltanksplus.com/ every five to six months.

Covering the Grill

Many people make the mistake of keeping the grill open when cooking chicken. This is a bad practice. Doing so will only lead to loss of heat and fuel. In addition, the meat itself will take longer to cook. But by covering the grill, you trap the heat inside and cook the chicken faster. Plus, the meat will also turn out juicier since heat is enveloping it from all sides.


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