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Lake Keowee of South Carolina – A Beautiful Man Made Reservoir

Lake Keowee is a beautiful man-made reservoir situated in South Carolina. This mighty lake is a source of unlimited recreational activities like swimming, camping, fishing and many more. Situated far from the hustle of the city, this place is as peaceful and calm as life can get.

Spending a weekend in this beautiful town is an experience like no other. Waking up to the bright sunrise on the lakesides and boat rides to watch the sunset, flavored with the local cuisine which includes fresh fish is a taste of life at Lake Keowee

History of Lake Keowee

This magnificent lake has a history as well. Keowee translates to The place of Mulberry , according to Cherokee. During the era of Native American settlement, the area was called Keowee town as it was along the river they called Keowee. It was later inhabited by the white men during the 1700s. The town of Keowee later became a site of excavations where thousands of pottery, beads, human, and animal bones and remnants were found.

This is now the Keowee-Toxaway State Park where you can go visit during your leisure time in the town. During the years after 1965 is when a massive power generation facility was decided to be built in the region, which eventually leads to the development of the Lake Keowee we know today.

Homes and Getaway condos at Lake Keowee

A number of luxury villas and exquisite pieces of land exist near lake Keowee and the upstate which you can possibly own if interested. This area is a perfect location to build and own a holiday home where you can escape to occasionally.

The lake facing property gives you the liberty to own a boat and enjoy fishing trips as well, in private. Lake Keowee Real Estate Experts say the area is a perfect fit for buildings ranging from primary residences on the upstate to vacation homes by the lake. The lake covers an area of 18370 acres and has an approximate shoreline of 300 miles. These homes and plots are graciously spaced as well, giving you the luxury of privacy

Things to do in Lake Keowee

Lake Keowee is not only famous for its wilderness and beauty, it is also home to a number of leisure activities you can do with your family. You can go for a mountain trail biking during the weekends or hike on a waterfall trail through the lush greenery of the region. You can learn a new sport by enrolling for paddle boarding classes or kayaking as well. The lake is also a good spot for diving alongside the aquatic fauna and sheer underwater marvel.

For a meal with a scenic view, a visit to the lighthouse restaurant is a must. This place offers casual as well as formal dining on two levels with breathtaking panoramic views everywhere. Boating is one of the major activities as well as transportation around the area. The sheer luxury of traveling in your boat from your home to the next destination alone is going to take every inch of stress away from your life and guarantee you end up with a fresh mind.


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