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Tree Injection Treatments are Environmentally Friendly and Economical

For an economical and environmentally friendly way to treat your trees with pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, you can use the Chemjet Tree Injector in a process called microinjection. By injecting into small drilled holes, you can avoid the spread of chemicals to unintended receptors that is inherent with spraying or soil drenching. Less chemical is used because it all goes into the tree. From there the natural circulatory system spreads the treatment to all parts of the tree; from the leaves to the roots.

The Chemjet Tree Injectors have been used to treat Oak Wilt, Emerald Ash Borer, Sudden Oak Death, Dutch Elm Disease, Long-Horned Maple Beetle and many other timber, landscape and orchard tree afflictions. Response time is generally much quicker with tree injections compared to systemic spraying or soil drenching methods.

A good description of the operation and use of the Chemjet Tree Injector is available at

The process of tree injection has traditionally been conducted by tree care professionals, and workers using injection devices that are very expensive and specialized. The specialization of tree injection using the traditional equipment and methods has cause tree injection to be costly and as a result infrequently applied.

But with use of the reloadable Chemjet Tree Injector, treatment is very economical and facilitates DIY tree care. The low cost of these injectors allows a tree care worker to save time and use multiple Chemjet Tree Injectors simultaneously on multiple trees, or at multiple locations on one tree. The Chemjet Tree Injector is inexpensive, rugged, refillable and reusable. And with proper care and maintenance could be used repeatedly for many years.

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