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The Top Tips For Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard

Part of being a responsible dog owner is providing your pet with a safe outdoor space. Luckily it’s not as hard as you might think. So here are some of the top tips you can put to use right away to help improve your yard and make it as dog-friendly as possible.

The Importance Of A Bathroom Spot

Having a specific area in your yard for your pet to go to the bathroom is very important. You’ll want to choose a space where it is convenient to deal with the removal of your pet’s waste. Once you pick a spot you’ll then need to train your pet to use it. Doing this can save both you and your pooch a lot of stress.

Your pet won’t have to worry about getting yelled at for going in the wrong spot and you won’t have to worry about stepping in it. Teaching your pet to use a designated spot can also help to prevent damage from dog urine.

This is particularly important if you have a male pet, since males will not only lift their leg to urinate but also to mark their territory. For this reason owners of male canines will often add a pee post to the designated toilet area. One of the most common options is actually a faux fire hydrant for dogs.

These are typically made from plastic, metal, or resin and are made especially to work as posts that can be urinated on. And of course because of the classic relationship between the dog and fire hydrant a dog pee post fire hydrant can help to add a bit of humor to your yard as well. Just be sure to give it a spray with the house every once in a while to keep it clean.

Pull Out Poisonous Plants

There are many different types of plants which can be dangerous to canines. Many are even potentially fatal. For example many owners don’t realize that both tulip bulbs and azaleas are poisonous to dogs. You’ll want to remove any existing plants which may be hazardous to your pet’s health.

If you’re unsure it would be a smart idea to make a list of what you’ve got in your yard and check to see if the plants pose a threat. And of course in the future you will want to make sure that any plants which you add to your yard or garden are a safe option before they are put into the ground.

Fence In Water Sources

Ponds and other water features can be fabulous backyard spots to relax. Yet they often make tempting places for pets to jump in, splash, and play around. To protect them from damage and from your pooch creating a muddy mess you will want to consider fencing them in.

Pools and hot tubs should definitely be fenced in as well. Fencing will help to keep unsupervised pets who love the water out. Because of their depth, pools and hot tubs pose a greater threat when it comes to drowning making a fence crucial when it comes to protecting your pet’s well-being.

Secure Barrier

Having a secure wall or fencing which surrounds the entire yard is something every responsible dog owner should consider. Without a proper barrier pets can be stolen or run away on their own. A yard which is not secure also allows dogs to take off running after small animals which could lead to them getting injured or lost.

And if you own an aggressive dog you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands if your pet was to get loose. Therefore be sure to choose a barrier that your dog cannot jump or climb over. Dogs which like to dig may also require extra precautions as well.

When It Comes To Play Work With Your Space

All dogs love to play. Not only can play be mentally stimulating for pets but it is essential for helping them to get the daily exercise they need in order to stay fit and healthy. If you have a space that’s large enough for your pet to run full throttle you’re in luck, you really have endless possibilities as to how and what you can play with your dog. If you are lucky enough to have one of the very small dog breeds even a tiny yard can be enough for them to run and play all out.

For those who have more limited space and a medium or large pet, you can always choose games or toys to use with your pet that can work with the space you have. For example you don’t need a lot of room to have a tiring session of “tug of war,” or even a game of “keep away.”

Having a dog-friendly yard is crucial for your pet’s well-being. And by applying these tips you can quickly get on the fast track to creating a safe outdoor area for your pooch. So what are you waiting for?


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