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How to Take Care of Your Garden During Summer: 3 Easy Tips

Summer is a complicated season for the garden because of the high temperatures predominating in certain regions. However, for the vast majority, it is the actual season that garden is in use, for events and relaxing.

The garden is an essential part of the house, and it must be in the perfect condition. Furthermore, it is the season on which we have more time to invest in the garden.

We will present you three tips to ensure your garden is well kept during the summer with low effort and little time.

  1. Protect your Plants

All those plants that are growing and blossoming will need some extra support and care. As they are growing, you need to prevent the pots from direct and long sun exposure. If they are planted to the soil and not in pots, we recommend you to provide them with a cover during critical hours when the weather is excessively hot.

  1. Check your Pots and Containers

If your garden is composed of potted plants, bear the material of those in mind as they will absorb the heat differently. For example, if you have plastic pots, they will heat up very quickly. This will make the plant and soil to “sweat”.

Different materials and sizes of pots must be regarded when planning on the length of time they are exposed to direct sunlight.

  1. Water during Cooler Hours

Providing good irrigation is essential for your plants to survive throughout summer.

You must water the plants during cool hours, either the morning or the evening. If you are near rivers or lakes, beware of the mosquitos!


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