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Which wheelbarrow tires should you buy for your wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrow tires are one of the most important parts of your transportation device. After all, without the tires you would not be able to transport your construction materials, do work around the garden or be able to lift large amounts of weight and be able to wheel it effortlessly to another location. Sometimes if you have a wheelbarrow that you’ve had for many years, you may encounter a flat tire and wonder which type of tire is the best replacement. In this article, I will help you decide which type of wheelbarrow tires will be best suited for the activities you wish to be performing.

When trying to figure out which wheelbarrow tires are best, you will have two options most of the time. The first will be a tubeless wheel and the second will be a flat free wheelbarrow wheel. An advantage to an inflatable tire would be that it can provide a degree of shock absorption with the natural air that is inside the tire.

If you are transporting heavy-duty materials such as cement bags or other building materials it would be advisable to select an inflatable wheelbarrow tire because over time the tire will begin to deflate because of the excess weight being carried on top by the materials that you are transporting. The disadvantage to the type of wheel is that you will experience a certain degree of bounce and it will also be inconvenient for you to constantly pump up the tire again since over time it will eventually go flat again.

On the other hand, flat free tires are a more convenient option because they will eliminate the need for you to grab a pump from your garage and pump up the tire again. These types of tire come in two different types. One of the types is made from 100% polyurethane wheel; other makers offer a tire made of a resin based foam material or hard plastic. The foam plastic wheelbarrow tires have a similar feel to an inflatable tire but are prone to be damaged much easier. For the best long-term durability, it will depend on what types of activities you wish to perform with your wheelbarrow and the amount of weight that you will be transporting during those activities. Overall inflatable tires are much better for the construction site and heavy materials while foam based tires are better for less heavy duty work such as gardening.




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