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Top 5 Worst Residential Pest Infestations Of All Time

While we don’t truly know how bad it’s been out there, we have found 5 pretty disturbing pest infestations that would have creeped the heck out of me. The scary thing about a pest infestation is that it can happen right under your nose, and by the time you realize you have an infestation there could be hundreds of critters occupying your attic space, crawl space, interior walls. There are also concerns outside of being stung or bit by something, you need to be concerned about disease and structural damage to your home. Take termites for example, if they somehow end up in your attic space for a year before you find them you could literally have your roof collapse. Mice and rats carry diseases that can kill people, bats carry rabies, a scorpions sting can set off an allergic reaction that could hospitalize someone. There are more reasons than not to call an exterminator if you experience a serious pest infestation in your home. With that being said, here are the top 5 worst pest infestations we found on the internet.

1. Bat Infestation

We all enjoy a little bat action come Halloween, scary props hanging from the entryway of the neighborhood homes as you trick or treat. Kids running around with Batman costumes and dressed up as Dracula. The idea of bats and vampire bats is an intriguing part of our culture. Bats are often referred to as mice with wings, and if you have ever looked at one up close and in person you know what they are referring to. But what if these cute little nocturnal winged mice infested your home? What if you laid in bed at night listening to the chirping and pitter-patter of hundreds of bats as they nested in your roof and walls. I’m sure it would freak you out pretty bad, I know it would freak me out. Well, that is exactly what happened to a Florida man in 2011 that came to find out that his home was being occupied by hundreds of winged mice. Below is a video of the roofing company that broke apart the Spanish roof tiles and discovered how bad the infestation truly was. If you are easily freaked out by rodent infestations I suggest you skip the video.

2. Snake Infestation

I have no love for snakes, I wouldn’t even want a snakeskin wallet to be honest. I have lived in desert climates where rattlesnakes were present and the sound of that rattle shaking is a very scary experience. Rattlesnakes are deadly creatures, they look mean, sound mean, and they won’t hesitate to strike your ankle if you walk upon one unexpectedly. I always made a conscious effort to make noise, stomp hard on occasion to send vibrations through the ground, walk with a stick like a blind man would so that I had an object a few feet in front of me navigating the ground. Maybe I was paranoid, I don’t care though, I was never bitten. There are other snakes in this world that aren’t venomous nightmares waiting to strike if you step in the wrong direction. The Garter Snake is a pretty harmless little slithering son of a serpent. If one crossed my path I would probably only freak out a little, eventually, I would gather my senses and walk the other way. But what if you couldn’t just walk the other way? What if your home was infested with snakes? Sounds like a Stephen King movie doesn’t it! Well, that’s what happened to a family in Idaho back in 2011 when they bought a home for their small family. The seller even stated in the contract that the property had a snake problem, little did they know, that snake problem was a huge problem. They battled the infestation initially but eventually wore out from the constant battle and let the home go into foreclosure. The home still sits on the market today and is known in the neighborhood as “the snake house”. Below is a video that features some of the slithering serpents they encountered while living there and a recap from the homeowners from what they recall as a nightmare situation.

3. Bee Infestation

Transformers is one of my favorite movies, and bumblebee is by far my favorite autobot! I love honey, I liked the Bee movie, I like to catch a buzz, but don’t want anything buzzing in my ears. The Mickeys Hornet is iconic in my life, I drank many a bottle of that fine malt beverage. With all that love to show for bees, wasps, and hornets I still can’t bring myself to enjoy them in nature. I see one fly into the house and I treat it like a home invasion, I’m grabbing knives and baseball bats and doing everything I can to smash that sucker into oblivion. Nobody wants to be stung by anything, and flying pests that bite and sting have no place in my yard regardless of their value to my plant life. Bees scare me, bee swarms and infestations are as creepy as any. There are stories of people being stung to death by killer bee swarms, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have personally witnessed a swarm of bees trying to relocate a queen and it was a freaky situation, growing up there were bees nests everywhere and you could stumble across one in the woods without even realizing it. Next thing you know you’ve been bitten and stung multiple times. It sucks! But enough about stumbling upon a pest problem in the woods, what if your home was infested with bees? I’m not talking about a nest of a dozen near the front porch light, not talking about 6 nests around the perimeter of the home that all consisted of a few hundred bees….. nope, I’m talking about a home infested with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BEES! In 2010 a Houston homeowner had finally had enough of her buzzing pests and called in a pest control company. What she didn’t know was that there were hundreds of thousands of bees living in her home with her. Her child had been stung but there was never any real sign of an infestation that degree. Seriously? Hundreds of thousands of bees and the home isn’t vibrating like a pleasure device? Look, there were over 200 pounds of honey pulled from the walls and ceiling of the home. It was estimated by the pest control company that removed the infestation said that the infestation was 10 years in the making. Below is a video that shows footage of the bee removal and it’s absolutely shocking. Um, no thanks!

4. Cockroach Infestation

I used to keep a little roach in the ashtray of my car in high school, a little something on hand if we ever stumbled upon a party on the weekends. I like food trucks, they have taken them to the next level lately with all the gourmet trucks driving around offering mobile cuisine in business parks and industrial areas, I think I still refer to them as a roach coach. I think the term was conceived in an era where the sanitization was questionable and people actually witnessed the presence of the gross little pests. Today cockroaches just gross me out, they scurry across the floors, countertops, climb up through drainage pipes, and infest the heck out of properties. There isn’t a roach on the planet I wouldn’t kill if I had the chance. They are a nuisance, they are dirty, and they are extremely hard to get rid of if you experience an infestation. I have lived in homes that have had the occasional roach climb up the shower drain and get stuck in the bathtub overnight. What a journey it must have had traveling those sewer pipes all the way into my bathroom, only to be nuked, torched, burned, and bombed by an unexacting human trying to take his morning shower. Sorry buddy, shouldn’t have grossed me out so bad! One roach and it’s Armageddon in my home, imagine an infestation of these little sewer dwellers! I might grab a 10 gauge shotgun and blow the sheetrock right out of my walls without worrying about the structural damage it might cause. I know I’m a freak like that, but roach infestations require warlike responses. The pest control expert in this video states that “this is the worst roach infestation” that he has ever seen, he then proceeds to say that the “the floor is moving” which is something right out of a Saw Movie. Below is a video that shows the infestation as the exterminator was treating it. It is unreal, I would have grabbed a can of hairspray and a lighter and torched the place. I’m all for burning roaches, but this place just needed to be burned down!

5. Bedbug Infestation

All I have to say is gross! Imagine sharing a bed with bugs, gross! Not only are bed bugs disgusting, they are bloodsucker for crying out loud! Who wants their blood sucked while they sleep? Nobody, I’m guessing. Bed bugs are common in hotels and apartment complexes where one dirty infested room and bring down the others. The whole “1 bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch” phrase truly applies here. Bed bugs can climb aboard a piece of luggage, crawl from room to room, and get transferred unintentionally by any other means imaginable. They infest the bed, come out at night, and suck blood. They are nasty little pests and if you discover one there are definitely more. Sometimes they can be hard to find, they burrow into mattresses and come out when you sleep making it next to impossible to find until your body is showing signs of it. In 2010 at an apartment in Syracuse New York a pest control company took video of one of the nastiest bed bug infestations known to the web. The infestation was so bad that the exterminator could smell them. Apparently, they will use dogs to sniff these things out sometimes, the fact that a human was able to pick up the scent and identify the infestation is a bit disturbing. Below is a video shot by the pest control company that shows this horrific infestation. This was a very disturbing case of bed bug infestations. The thought of anyone living in these conditions is shocking. If you think you might have bed bugs, or want to learn more about bed bug infestations you can check out this site (https://greenhomepest.com/bed-bug-control.html). They have pretty good recommendations for preventing infestations as well as travel tips for anyone that frequents hotels and motels. This might be the most disgusting infestation of all, mostly because the infestation is in your bed!!!

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