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Repair vs. Replacement – Make an Informed Choice

If your air conditioning system has broken down or if it is not working as efficiently as it used to do, you could be thinking about its replacement. As you already know, replacing an air conditioning system can be a costly affair. So, it’s always better to consider getting it repaired. In most cases, a simple repair saves the huge replacement cost.

Before you replace your air conditioner, make sure you get an air conditioning estimate for replacement vs. repairs. Here are some points to consider.

The cost of repair – The first thing you need to do whenever your air conditioner breaks down is to get an estimate of the repair. Call a technician, get your air conditioner inspected and ask the cost of its repair. If the cost is too high, the better decision would be to replace your machine. Now, you may think that ‘too high cost’ is a vague unit. So, let us tell you what it means to be too high. Actually, there’s a very simple formula. You just need to multiply the repair cost with the age of your AC in years and compare it with the cost of the new model you wish to buy. If the repair cost is low, go for repair and if it’s higher, then surely you need to replace your AC unit.

The age of your AC unit – Typically, the lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-15 years. You can get more accurate information about the lifespan of your unit by searching customers’ review of the model you are using. If your air conditioner is in the last stage of its lifespan, then a replacement will be a more preferred choice. It is not that air conditioners cannot be repaired at this stage, but, the breakdown will get more frequent. And this frequent breakdown will eventually cost you more than the replacement cost.

The frequency of breakdowns – The age or repair cost formula can fail in certain instances where a relatively young AC starts behaving like an old one. If your air conditioning unit starts making noise or breakdowns very frequently, repairing can get a costly affair. Air conditioners generally start making noise when it cannot handle the demands on its performance efficiently. It could be the fault of the user, in most cases. It’s your responsibility to take care of your AC and get it maintained professionally once a year. If you fail to do so, your unit cannot last very long. Whether you take care of your AC or not, you will need to replace it if it demands one or the other repairs every year.

You need to sacrifice lots of your precious time and effort to earn. So, do not waste your hard-earned money on unnecessary repairs or purchases. Always take an informed decision by calculating all risks and benefits associated with all the options available to you. As in the case of the air conditioner, you have the option of repairing or replacing. Choose the one that is more cost-effective for you.

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