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How trained an Electrician should be?

 The field of electricity is evergreen and becoming an electrician is a promising career. New construction of buildings and houses needs electricians for setting up new connections. Similarly, the old houses or bungalows need these professionals for maintaining the existing connections.

But before you jump into conclusion, it is good to know few things about being an electrician.

  1. You need thorough training to get well-experienced

No professional can become an expert without gaining enough practice. To become a pro as an electrician, one needs to start as an apprentice and get good hands-on experience. You need to work with a master electrician for about four years to work independently. Studies and research have shown that one needs 2000 hours of prior hands-on experience to start working independently.

  1. You should select an area of expertise

There are different areas of specialisations in the electricity domain. If you want to restrict yourself to work in home construction and maintenance, you could possibly choose to become a residential technician. If you want to work in buildings or offices, you can opt to become a commercial electrician. For those who want to work in industries, factories or as a lineman, you can choose to become lineman or industrial technician.

  1. Keep in mind the dangers associated with this profession

Electricians work with high power equipment and hence, they are more prone to electrocutions. This job also demands a lot of physical work like climbing, lifting, manoeuvring into home or building. When doing such activities one can easily get injured. Thus, it is better to be prepared for all of this before opting to become an electrician.

  1. You can start a business after gaining enough skills

Once you have worked as an apprentice and when you are confident of working independently. You can slowly start your own business to work in your specialised area. Remember that this skill is always in demand and can never go obsolete. All you need is a good knack to manage time and handle resources or apprentices under you. After all, a hard-working soul is always appreciated at some or the other point of time in life.

  1. Get a license

Every electrician needs to have a license as a proof of his skillset and experience. To become a licensed electrician, you need to undergo schooling and clear exams under the specific area. You can even help your master technician to gain practical experience. This can help you clear the exams much easier. To be precise, an electrician is no less than a doctor when it comes to practice and training.

  1. You can earn well

Being an electrician is not a hard job. If you are logically good and have an eye for minute detail, you can brag that you have chosen the right profession. Depending on the location and the chosen expertise, you can make good earnings. Stats have revealed that an average salary for an electrician is no less than $60000 annually. As you gain more experience, the salary also increases to a good figure.

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