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How to Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

You are ready to give your home or business the royal treatment, and that includes professional carpet cleaning services. How can you be sure which company is the right one for you?

There are several factors to consider when hiring professional carpet cleaning services including doing your research on more than one business, exploring their processes, comparing prices, and checking for references and reviews.

Selecting Carpet Cleaning Services West Hartford, CT

If you are serious about your West Hartford carpet cleaning services needs, you don’t want to just do a quick internet search or call the first name that pops out at you in the phonebook. While you might get lucky and find one that’s worth it on your first try, you are going to have much better odds if you explore several different businesses before settling on one. When looking around, check out at least three or four in your area and compare things like:

  • Availability – can they take care of the job within a reasonable amount of time?
  • Years of experience – do they have plenty of experience in the industry?
  • Licensing or certifications – can they back up what they do?
  • Customer testimonials – are there enough other satisfied customers out there?
  • Employee hiring processes – do they carefully screen and train their employees for safety and quality services?
  • Services included – can you use the same company for more than one service?

You want to get satisfactory answers for each of these before deciding that the one carpet cleaning services company you are looking at is going to be able to do what you want.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Should Work

Do a complete evaluation of your carpets that need to be cleaned and take notes on stains and other problem areas. Then, when you call to talk to someone about scheduling services, discuss with them any of your concerns that you have come up with. A qualified company is going to be able to quickly respond with answers that make sense and show that they have knowledge in the industry of carpet cleaning.

A reputable company is going to be able to tell you exactly what to expect when one of their technicians come to your home and do your carpet cleaning. You can also ask about what kinds of chemicals they use or any other specific treatments you may need like upholstery cleaning or sealing of tile.

Companies that have been in business for several years and that are established want your business. They will likely offer you a free estimate over the phone or come to your location and give you one with no obligation to purchase from them. It’s an effective way to determine which company is going to give you the highest quality services for the lowest rate. If they aren’t willing to give you a free quote on what you are requesting be done, you should probably just move on down the line.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service Isn’t Always the Cheapest

It’s easy to go for the company that offers you the lowest price. However, remember one basic of the most basic rules in life is, most often you get what you pay for. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There could be new companies out there that are just starting out in the industry that are trying to lure in customers by offering really low rates on their services. If that’s something you’re willing to take a chance on, just be aware that they could completely destroy your property if they don’t fully know what they are doing with their cleaning products and equipment.

That more established company that is offering the bargain prices probably doesn’t have the high-tech equipment, quality products, or superior services that you are looking for. While they have years of experience in carpet cleaning, they have also figured out how to cut corners. You are getting a lower price, but you are also getting less desirable finished results.

It’s okay to look around for coupons and special offers, but just don’t pick the first one you see with the most attractive sticker price. Chances are you are only going to end up disappointed. You have to really dig in and see what kind of cleaning products they use, the machines that they bring with them to get the deepest clean possible, and how much training their staff has. Each of these is important when making your final decision.

Be Sure to Explore Reviews for Carpet Cleaning Services West Hartford, CT

Somewhere out there, someone has used the services of the carpet cleaner you are considering hiring. At least that should be the case if you have made it through the years of experience requirement part of the screening process. Customers have left reviews on the internet either on the company website or somewhere else about their experience. Look for these. Negative reviews that are published and readily available are red flags. You can also use these reviews to find out more about the services that you can obtain because people frequently will discuss in detail what job they had done.

Another reliable place to check out the credentials of a carpet cleaning company you are considering hiring is the Better Business Bureau website. If there have been any major complaints filed against the business, there will be a public record of it available online for you to easily see.

Choose Which Type of Cleaning Products You Want

In the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the trend for eco-friendly products skyrocketing. People and businesses alike are switching to chemical-free products to use around their homes and their families because there is a lower risk of harmful side effects. When speaking with your professional carpet cleaning company, discuss with them what kinds of products they use if it’s important to you. While conventional carpet cleaning solutions get the job done at an affordable rate, they can leave behind harmful odors that linger for days. It’s not something you want your children or your pets rolling around in.

Keep in mind that some of the really “safe” products don’t have the power to give you the deep clean that you’re looking for either. You are going to ideally find something that is ‘middle of the road’ when it comes to being green versus standard. An experienced carpet cleaning company will be able to explain to you with confidence what’s in their products and any risks that are surrounded with using them.

Review the Cleaning Process From Start to Finish

As you are interviewing carpet cleaning companies for your floor cleaning needs, you should be going over the complete process that you can expect to see when a technician shows up at your home or office. Those that are competent in the carpet cleaning industry will know exactly what to describe to you so that you can fully understand each step that they take to get you the deepest clean possible.

Because there isn’t necessarily a need to be licensed or trained in carpet cleaning, anyone is capable of starting up a business and advertising their services. That could mean they come in with a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner that they purchased at a big box store to quickly go over your surfaces before charging you. They leave behind a job that you could have easily done yourself. Now you’re out all that money that you could have spent on a more legitimate company.

A carpet cleaning company that deserves your business is going to include several steps to protect your family and preserve your carpet with the newest equipment and best cleaning products. You should expect to see or hear about each of these taking place throughout the course of your appointment:

  1. Inspection – a certified technician will come in and check your carpets for stains and other areas that are of concern. Any special methods that are going to be required will be fully described to you before any cleaning starts.
  2. Cleaning – tables, chairs, pets, and anything else that could potentially get in the way of the cleaning process will be removed.
  3. Protecting and set up – all areas that aren’t going to be cleaned will be carefully covered to protect them from equipment and cleaning products. Mats, blankets, and corner guards are temporarily installed to keep all surfaces free from damages.
  4. Vacuum – a high powered vacuum is used to remove all dirt and debris.
  5. Stain treatment – all stains including red wine, soda, pet urine, wax, gum, and others will be pre-treated with the necessary products.
  6. Pre-treatments – the entire carpeting surface will be pre-treated with the required solutions based on the soil level and type of carpeting used.
  7. Dirt emulsification – an agitation brush will loosen up all greases, soils, and dust away from the carpet fiber softly.
  8. Steam cleaning and extraction – powerful equipment will apply hot water and then extract it at the same time to completely clean all carpeted surfaces.
  9. Post stain treatment – all areas that were treated for stains will be examined and further treatment will be done if needed.
  10. Protection – if desired, many companies offer an optional protection product that can be applied to the carpet for longer lasting results
  11. Drying – complete drying with fans helps to reduce the wicking, browning, and re-spotting that could occur if left to dry on its own.
  12. Final inspection – before the technicians leave you should get to do a final walk-through of all the work they have completed to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your results.

Before selecting your final carpet cleaning company, ensure they follow this process so that you can be guaranteed the final results you are expecting.

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