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5 Telltale Signs That Your Pool Needs Renovation

After a summer filled with countless BBQs, gatherings with friends and family, and lounging poolside, your backyard entertainment area may be in need of repair. Before the frigid winter air rolls in, it’s important to examine your pool to assess its condition and perform any necessary maintenance before the leaves begin to fall. Enlisting the help of a professional on a yearly basis is the best way to prolong the lifespan of your swimming area and ensure there are no issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t get in the habit of conducting regular check-ups, you run the risk of causing permanent damage to your pool. In light of this, here are 5 signs that your pool is in need of renovation.

A Run-down Vinyl Liner

Compromising the integrity of your backyard swimming pool can mean costly fees to mend damages. In order to avoid structural leaks due to a worn out liner, be on the lookout for any indication that your vinyl liner is decaying. For example, if you notice any weathering or erosion around the edges of the pool liner, you should consider replacing the material as soon as possible. Vinyl pool liners will begin to fade over time and should be replaced every 10 years.

Cracked Tiles

Fractured or cracked tiles are never a good sign. In addition to the negative effects cracked tiles have aesthetically, they are also an indication that there may be a larger problem at hand. Commonly, broken tiles are a symptom of old age, but there are also instances where they could signify an underlying issue to the pools entire infrastructure. The lesson here is to have your cracked tiles repaired immediately to proactively avoid bigger problems in the future.

Chipped or Loose Plaster

Chemical exposure, old age, or other issues can cause plaster to break and loosen. As soon as you observe areas of cracked plaster, you should have a professional patch them up. If left untreated, you could face leaks and larger complications.

Damaged Coping Pieces

Maintaining the exterior area of your swimming pool is as essential as addressing interior issues. Warm, dry air can cause coping pieces to fracture and break. Replacing coping pieces that are broken is essential to the safety and wellbeing of your family and guests as the damaged area could result in an unwanted injury. Often, these chipped pieces cannot support the pressure or weight of an individual standing upon them, leading to the possibility of a loved one getting hurt.

Cracked Steps

Like a cracked windshield, a cracked pool step may start as a small, innocent chip, but it can quickly snowball into a spider web of unstable cracks. While cracks do crop up as your pool ages, they can also be an indication of a larger structural issue. As with damaged coping pieces, if cracked steps aren’t serviced, you run the risk of injury, as well as more costly repairs from cracks that have spread.

Pay attention to signs that your pool may be in need of some TLC. When warning signals aren’t dealt with in a timely manner, you could end up facing more extensive damages.


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