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3 Spring Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know About

When it comes to keeping your garden looking spick and span, one of the main factors that can make or break its overall appearance is whether you have a well-maintained lawn. As the centrepiece of any area, your lawn is really what ties together your overall vision.

And, with spring now upon us, it’s time to get started on your maintenance to make sure your lawn is looking fresh as can be when summer rolls around, ready for the numerous barbecues, parties and sun-tanning sessions that it will be host to.

However, with so many different hints and tips out there to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. As a result, we’re taking a look at three basic spring lawn care tips you need to know about, so you can get off on the right foot. 

Learn how to properly mow your grass

One of the most basic things to get right at the start is how to actually mow your grass properly.

Most people tend to follow the line of thought of ‘just switch the mower on and go’, but this can actually do more harm than good for your grass, as there are lots of different things to consider when mowing the lawn.

Not only does the actual condition of the lawn have to be taken into account, for example whether it’s wet or dry, but also the time of day, the season, the height of the lawn mower blades, and even the type of grass.

In order to learn all the ins and outs of mowing your lawn, check out this detailed guide by The Spruce.

Get your rake out

Raking your lawn is a vital part of lawn maintenance that needs to be done early on in spring and it can help your grass to avoid a whole multitude of sins. However, most people tend to view raking as just a way to remove dead leaves during the winter.

Raking actually has a much more important task than that through controlling the build-up of thatch. Thatch essentially means the layer of dead grass lying between the new grass and the roots and soil, which blocks the new grass from getting the right nutrients and water.

If the thatch on your lawn exceeds ½ inch, it can lead to disease, moss, and insect infestations, so raking it away as early as possible can really help to keep your lawn fresh for summer.

For more tips on how to rake your lawn correctly, check out this in-depth guide by Lawn Smith.

Use the right stuff

Finally, one of the easiest mistakes to make is using the wrong things for your lawn, whether it’s lawn equipment or fertilisers.

Your lawn is a very carefully balanced ecosystem and any misjudgement on your part can seriously alter its balance, so it’s important to make sure you get it right.

Rather than using any old fertiliser you happen to have in your shed, make sure you use a specific spring/summer feed, as the wrong one can lead to disease and weed problems.

Similarly, ensure that your lawn equipment is well maintained, or even invest in one of Blaupunkt Tool’s electric lawnmowers, to make sure you’re getting the right cut.

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