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Simple Accents To Make Your Property More Whimsical


There are many ways to add to the look of the exterior of your home or yard. And fortunately for those who would like to make their property more whimsical there are a handful of easy options you can use to reach your goals. So here are some super simple choices which will give you big results.

Have Fun With Stepping Stones

Of course when most people think of stepping stones they think of actual stones set out in a path. However, one of the most unique and fun ways to go is to use stepping stones that aren’t actual stones at all. Decorative stepping stones are made from materials like resin and cast iron. And they come in endless shapes, designs, and colors.

For instance not uncommon to find “stones,” shaped like animals such as turtles or the paw prints of dogs and cats. Best of all they can just be laid down right on top of your lawn or other surface to create an instant pathway leading wherever you like! No skills needed.

Extend Those Gutters In Style

Downspouts are an essential feature of every home. They help to funnel the rainwater down from your gutters. However they happen to be pretty boring. By adding decorative gutter downspout extensions to them however, you can change them into eye-catching accents. Decorative extensions not only help to push the rain water out further away from your house preventing flooding but also add to the look of your home.

These are often made in the form of various animals with their mouths wide open so that it seems as if they are spitting the water out. Other decorative downspout extensions may feature entire water scenes with multiple tiny statues in various poses.

Add Faces To Your Trees

Most people don’t realize they can actually use the trees they already have in their yard to increase the look and fun of their outdoor space. With the help of some tree faces you can give trees their own identity. Faces are made to express various emotions and many have features such as glasses, moustaches, and beards.

Some tree face options are even made to look like your favorite backyard critters. These are typically just nailed right onto the body of the tree. You may want to consider placing them so that they standout and are instantly seen by guests. Or you could install them in more subtle locations where they have to be stumbled upon. (An excellent guide to tree faces along with how and where to use them can be found at: https://www.gardenandpatiohomeguide.com/tree-faces-the-easiest-way-to-add-personality-to-your-yard/)

There you have it by adding any of these options you can be sure they will make your property much more whimsical in appearance. And as an added all of them are known for producing a lot of visual impact but with very little time or effort needed to install them.


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