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Kitchen Remodeling And Renovation Ideas

Remodeling a kitchen can not only increase the value of your home, but it can improve the quality of the time spent in the kitchen. Having a renovated space to prepare food in, entertain, and enjoy a glass of wine in can make your evenings at home far more enjoyable! We all like nice things, and a kitchen is a place where families gather and entertain. There are all sorts of little things that can be done to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, in addition to improving the functionality of the space. Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck.



While appliances may be one of the more expensive upgrades that can be made in the kitchen, they definitely can be the most rewarding. Upgrading your refrigerator and freezer space for something more efficient and spacious. While you may not have the room in your kitchen to install a larger fridge, you can upgrade to one that has more features and is compartmentalized more efficiently to separate fruits, vegetables, and meats. Freezers have also been improved for efficiency, switching from chest style freezer to a side by side can make organizing more efficient. If your refrigerator doesn’t currently have water and ice features, adding this feature makes accessibility to water and ice easier for the children in the home. Smart refrigerators would be a major upgrade and provide the convenience of inventory and auto-ordering features for grocery items.

• Oven

There are smart ovens out there with internet access that can keep your food refrigerated all day and then turn on at a scheduled time to cook the food. An oven that works like a refrigerator part of the time, and an oven the rest of the time is brilliant. Having access to the appliances through the internet will allow you to log in and change the cook time and temperature from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Imagine that you are stuck at the office and are running late, what if you could log in to your over and change the start time 30 minutes later than anticipated? How convenient would that be? The technology is available, are you ready to embrace it? The other upgrade option is the double stack oven, imagine being able to fit two turkeys in that oven on Thanksgiving, plus all your side dishes!

• Stove Top

So many options to choose from, but what do you want? Gas or electric? Large surface areas are small surface areas? Standalone, or built into an oven? Aside from the burners/heating elements themselves, you may select a new stove based on the control panel and some of the features available there. Some stoves have built-in fans and others rely on hoods to ventilate. There are many options to consider when choosing a stovetop, many of those features will be determined when you decide on your oven.

• Dishwasher

Believe it or not, there are also smart dishwashers available on the market. In my opinion, a dishwasher is can make a renovation, but only cosmetically. I typically wash all my dishes by hand, then process them through the dishwasher to sanitize. I have purchased the hi-tech dishwasher that is supposed to clean your dirty plates, sanitize, and dry in one wash. They never really cleaned the plates any better than the cheaper models I have owned. So while I have never been sold on the performance of a dishwasher, I do believe there is a cosmetic element that can turn a kitchen renovation into a complete success.

• Sinks

The sink can be a major upgrade, both for functionality and for cosmetic reasons. There are black, white, and stainless options, single sink and dual sink options, simple faucets, and dishwasher style pressure nozzles. Upgrading your sink can be huge, I upgraded to a single farm style sink with a dishwasher nozzle and absolutely love it. Having the real estate to rinse produce, prepare large turkeys, and clean large pans make cooking a pleasure. Small sinks that can’t accommodate a busy kitchen makes cooking miserable.

• Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen can be a simple upgrade that can make a huge difference. We removed our fluorescent lighting panels, sheetrocked, and added recessed lighting. It really allowed us to change the vibe in the kitchen. The bright fluorescent tubes really made for a bright annoying environment, upgrading those to dimmer recessed lights improved the mood in the room when entertaining. The chandelier that hung over the kitchen table was replaced with a modern lighting fixture that really brought the room up to date. Just changing light bulbs can improve the ambiance of a room. Accent lighting around cabinetry will also impress.

• Backsplash

This is a very affordable upgrade that can really improve the look of a kitchen while also protecting the sheetrock from the water. The tiles are cheap enough to purchase and install yourself. They are easy to cut and come in all sorts of colors. The can really compliment the countertops of a kitchen and add a splash of class to the room.

• Countertops

While these may be one of the more expensive renovation options, it might be the one thing that can completely change the look and feel of the kitchen. If you can increase countertop space by building more cabinets then make it happen. Nobody has ever been disappointed by ample countertop space. There are many materials to choose from, some are natural, while others are man-made. Wood, stone, cement, laminate, tile, the list goes on. There are very affordable ways to renovate your countertops with prefabricated materials. The natural stones like granite and marble will cost a pretty penny, but the natural beauty they will add to your kitchen is undeniable. There are many looks and styles to choose from, my favorite are the granite countertop surfaces. They look amazing and are more affordable than marble and some of the other natural stones.

• Flooring

This renovation option is similar to countertops. There are a ton of materials to choose from, and this might change the look and feel as much as the countertops will. In my opinion, changing the flooring in the kitchen might not be as easy as renovating the other areas of the room. This holds true especially if the kitchen flooring ties into the flooring of other rooms in the house. When deciding on kitchen flooring you should keep on mind that the room will be subject to the worst spills, heavy foot traffic, and blunt trauma. That being said, I never felt that kitchen floors should be light in color, or fragile. Tiles that chip easy, wood that dents easy, flooring surfaces like those should be avoided. I personally am a fan of stained concrete flooring but I realize that not everyone likes that style of flooring. After that, I prefer prefabricated flooring.


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