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Build Your Dream Home With A Plan

Whether you build your new house for your new home, or you purchase a house to move in, there are many aspects to take care of before you can happy live in your new house.

You have just purchased a new house.

First, make a plan and create a to-do list.

Assume you’ve already purchased a house from a seller who is to move out from it, then it should have saved your many steps in the planning process. You’ll still be left with a few things to do in your to-do list.

For your home’s front door, buy and install a secured exterior steel door. In many older houses, the front (entry) doors are still wooden doors that don’t last long, and will require high maintenance cost. The easiest approach is to replace it with a steel door.

Other places to put in some efforts are the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms.

Check the lights and lambs and decide if they require replacements. Sometimes they aren’t your style, and you want them replaced.

Also the curtains and binds, replace the ones that are too old, or out of maintenance for many years.

Before you move in, go through the following steps.

Just before moving your family and yourself into your new home, below is the second check list.

Make sure you change the old locks to your newly purchase locks. It’s not like the old locks are harmful, or you don’t trust the previous owner of your new home. But you don’t really know exactly who has access to the old locks. It’s just a good practice to keep your family and property safe.

Inspector your new home and check for potential leaks. Just double check, and make sure your house is leak-free. Make sure you know where the main shutoff valve (for water) is, and check if it works.

Make sure you know where the main electricity (i.e. breaker box) is. Ensure it works without any problem.

Clean the built-in wardrobe. Clean the bathrooms. Clean the kitchen. And perhaps even change the toilet seats. Actually, either you and your family or someone you hired should give your new home a big cleaning before you officially move in.

Update your new address. All your utility bills, bank statements, and any other documents that will require being mailed to the new address, will need updates. All these updates may be painful at first, but it’s all necessary.

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