Beekeeping Tips for Beginners

Beekeeping requires a lot of learning and advice from experienced beekeepers in order to grow your colony. For easier management, it is recommended to start by keeping it simple while being very keen on the progress of the colony.

This way, you will be able to easily spot warning signs of any issues in the hive and in case things go from bad to worse, you will not lose a lot. But yes it’s more than just having bees and a beekeeping starter kit.

As a beginner, you might receive a lot of confusing advice but bottom-line, for successful beekeeping, it is important to consider the following tips.

1. Learn About Bees First

Information is power. Before you do the actual research about beekeeping, take some time to learn about things such as honeybee behavior and biology. This information is important because it will lay the foundation for successful beekeeping.

Also, with this basic knowledge, you will be able to sniff out wrong beekeeping advice, just in case, someone tries to mislead you.

2. Start Early in the Season

If you get started in beekeeping too early in the season, you might starve your bees because they will not be able to find enough food.

Also, if you begin too late, your bees will not have enough time to create enough honey to survive through the winter period. Therefore, you have to begin beekeeping at just the right moment in the season so that your colony can thrive.

3. Set up the Apiary in a Suitable Location

Once you have your hives ready, set the bee yard close to sources of water, pollen and nectar. Trees and flowery plants are good sources of pollen and nectar and thus, locations with such vegetation should be considered. Water can be easily supplied through troughs and therefore, this should not worry you one bit.


These are the most basic tips that will help guide you through to eating honey from your own farm. Of course, there are some other things that you may find or need to adjust on but the 7 points above will go a long way in ensuring you are “honey secure”.


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